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Exclusive Illumination

Developed for your sport car or motorbike


It's time to rediscover your passion

TheThrone was developed to make your sports car and motorbike shine elegantly and innovatively in the garage, your showroom or your living room.

Developed and produced in Germany.

Select one of our standard products, or request your individual solutions. 


Discover your perfect one



The Throne is the perfect solution for every garage or showroom.

Its color variability and maximum value emphasize every aspect of your car or motorbike and truly make it a work of art

BMW Motorrad.jpg


Modern elegant and slim design

Frame made of steel in matt black powder-coated, two-sided access ramp at the front and rear, solid structure for long-lasting use, fixed to the floor, invisible screwing of the frame elements to each other, internal lane elements up to 3 tonnes load


Exceptional and individual lighting solution

LED RGB glass elements, safety glass with matt white film, waterproof, accessible for people, separate control of the LED elements each with a slim transformer and controller for a full color spectrum suited to your individual wishes


Remote Control

Control via smartphone app (iOS or Android) for your individual coloring

AMG GT CarThrone

Designed and produced In Germany

600 Watts LED

RGB Illumination

Remote Control

via iOS & Android

Modern and 

elegant design

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